Tuesday, November 4, 2014

doTERRA Oils and Croup: Using both oils and antibiotics

Moriah came home a little sick from VPK on Wednesday. Then woke up with croup at midnight. Suddenly. Scary barking cough, heavy wheezing, fever, crying, kind-of-croup. Not sure what to do, I pulled out my everythingessential.me app on my phone. As suggested, Frankincense and Majoram (diluted with fractionated coconut oil) then went on the bottoms of her feet, then all over her chest and back.
Within 60 seconds she stopped coughing. 30 secs later she was calm. 30 more secs and her hoarse wheeze calmed to light wheeze. A minute later she was back asleep. I was IMPRESSED. That routine happened three more times throughout the night. I added Past Tense to reduce the fever. I used On Guard in the diffuser all night. By morning the croup was gone.
I took her to urgent care clinic in the AM anyway... you know, just in case. He said she looked really good...just had a respiratory infection. Gave us a prescription for Albuterol and an antibiotic. We tried oils for three days (on the bottoms of her feet and over chest and back) to fully help her heal, but that tenacious respiratory infection settled in. No more hard wheezing though, so didn't use the Albuterol. We started the 3-day antibiotic, along with the oils.
Today the antibiotic is done. She is much better but now has a skin rash on her face from the antibiotics.  Back to oils...Lavender is easing the irritation. Respiratory oils still go on her feet and chest daily.
Can't tell you how grateful I was to see those oils help her breathe so quickly that first night! Whew... nearly cried myself. Interesting to note... her sisters, who sleep in the same room and who get On Guard on their feet every day, didn't get sick. ‪#‎thankful‬ ‪#‎doTERRA‬ ‪#‎Iliketoheal‬ ‪#‎sohappytohaveoils‬

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hope... seriously. What's up with the oils?

Ok, so let me take the question mark out of it.

Here it is. I am now a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils. (Well, actually... I am also ALL sorts of awesome things, but let's not get carried away, shall we?)

All that means is that I paid $35 to have a wholesale account with doTERRA so that I could regularly order these crazy oils. (Order these phenomenal, internal grade oils and supplements for my family at big discounts, that is.)

Now that our family has experienced these oils for over a year, sharing about how seriously amazing they are just organically happened. Now I can't stop. It's like a geyser of relief bursting out. Sorry if you inadvertently find yourself in the splash zone... don't mean to give you unwanted showers... but I promise you'll smell good.

I tried to resist. Honest. For months. I mean... who WANTS to be "addicted" to something else?

But as soon as we started using them, my girls started healing. No more enormous alergy-reaction bug bites, no more respiratory infection,  colds just fizzled. And for me, there was something about these oils that just.... softened my "I-like-to-white-knuckle-my-way-through-life" approach. They healed and alleviated issues that we thought were just an unavoidable part of life. I held onto my "Everything-has-to-be-difficult" belief as long as I could... and my "It's-always-going-to-be-this-way" attitude for quite a while... but alas *deep sigh*... the oils finally got to me. My rigid patterns were losing their grip and I finally realized there was a lot more goodness available to me and my family.

And now. I. Can't. Stop.

I'd like to say that feeling better, happier, and more energized is terrible. But it's not. I'd like to say that I was better off before, but I wasn't. I'd like to say that I did just fine without them... (and I did...Oh, I rocked it!) Buuuuttt.... :). The truth is that they have shifted our home... they have shifted me. In a phenomenal, healing, grace-embracing, moving-forward kinda way.

So. I just decided to give up the "I-don't-need-it" perspective and embrace the healing and life He had in store for me. My husband did too. And then our girls were like, "Finally! Oils all the time! What took you so long!?" (Sheesh... leave it to the littles to naturally "get it".)

At first, hearing about the oils was all "blah blah, long-word, blah blah, etc."

But when I experienced them, then I finally GOT IT. They are actually the life-blood of the plant, the immune system in true botanical form...  INTERNAL grade supplements. NO side effects. doTERRA's oils are tested seven different ways to ensure they are beyond organic, verified pure, free of fillers, pesticides, and foreign contaminants. Like nothing else. With their Certified Pure Theraputic Grade, doTERRA set a amazing standard for purity and potency. Our bodies love them.

At this point, I wasn't even thinking about sharing or building a business... I just Wanted. These. OILS.

The membership was simple. $35 to join and have a wholesale account (along with free website) and then I could order phenomenal oils at a discounted rate, and even earn points to use for free oils. Right now we order ~ $150 a month (that's excellent essential oil supplements for the whole family, our pain relief, our protein shakes, and our oil "medicine" cabinet for regular life issues.)  And with that, I now get about 45 points back in my account with which I can then get $45 worth of free oils. As I continue to regularly order, the percentage of my points back gets higher. It's such a WIN-WIN for us.

Then people I knew started wanting some. And when they joined through my site, or ordered oils retail off my site, the company paid me a commission. Boom. There you go... the secret is out. I have been getting checks in the mail.

Mystery revealed. Why all the random social media posts about oils?... I really like doTERRA. I really like sharing about it. I AM building a business with them, and it's been a blast for me. This company and these oil feel good to me. I connect with their integrity and international mission as an humanitarian focused organization.

So, go ahead, contact me about them. I'll come teach a class. But beware. I've been known to overload people with a ton of research and information that will personally and specifically help them. Sorry. Just cuz I'm an info junkie doesn't mean everyone else is. I'm trying to keep it simple. ;)

Here's my site:  http://www.mydoterra.com/hopeclarkoils/
Here's my email: clark(dot)hope@gmail(dot)com

Explore. Learn. Ask tough questions. Take a risk (it's really not a risk). Come join the party. You'll LOVE it.

Blessings! :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Personal Inventory: Things that make you go "Ugh"

It feels like my whole system hit reboot.

Since returning from leading our last missions trip 8 days ago, I have slept more in a week than I have since my adolescent years. I have experienced three different forms of sickness, one swollen and painful-ish, one violent and mid-night-runs-to-the-bathroom-ish, and one just plain ugly.

I have had to rely on superbly fabulous friends and family to help care for our girls, since a mom who must tend to herself can't always tend to others. (THANK GOD for each of you! Words cannot express how much I needed you this week!)

But most of all, it's forced me to take inventory. You know...take stock of what's going on physically with my body, what's going on emotionally in my heart, and what kind of thoughts am I having. Since it's all connected, I knew these illnesses weren't random or separate... they were a reflection of the state of being I had placed myself in.

I was exhausted. And I had not been caring for myself. My inside SELF. So, I began to.

The best thing I did this week was to write a Forgiveness List. On this list I put the name of every person I could remember ever having a negative feeling toward. Even the slightest negative interaction or thought that I could still remember having. Even if I still felt justified about that thought or interaction. (Their part in this was unimportant...it was my action, thought, or response that mattered.) God, myself, and my immediate family members were all on there multiple times. Some of the people I had apologized to face-to-face in the past... but for some reason, there was still a memory... still a (nose-scrunch) "ugh" feeling there in my belly.

It was a long list.

Then I took the first name on the list and pretended I, this spirit-person, was sitting face-to-face with this other person's spirit. And I spelled out the moment that I remembered. And I asked for forgiveness. Silence ensued. But deep in me, I finally heard a "yes." Then something occurred to me... I turned to myself and apologized for carrying the shame of that interaction for so many years.  And that's when I began to weep.

I had no idea I had been carrying shame! ...Shame over interactions or thoughts that I thought had "mostly" already been addressed, or had "only" been internal stuttering, or had been justified, or had just been swept under the rug years ago (because who asks forgiveness for EVERYthing??)? As I continued to move down the list, there was more crying, but the asking of forgiveness came easier and easier, and the release of shame from my gut became more and more tangible. Sometimes I didn't hear an answer, but at least I asked. It took me days to get through the list.

I had no idea that little bits of shame could build up in you over the years--until a packed-in pile of it finds a way to send a screaming alarm signal out of your body through illness, vomit, and ugliness.

Thank God He lives and reigns in us. Thank God He made us miraculous and powerful. And THANK GOD He placed within us the creative ability to change, heal, restore, and thrive. We just have to step into it... we just have to OWN IT.

(And P.S., I'm much better. Mending, moving slowly, breathing deeply, and smiling more.) :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Piggy Banks in Your Belly

Selah: "Why doesn't everyone believe in Jesus?"

Me: "Well, some have never heard of Him. And some have been told that He's not real."

Selah, after pausing and thinking for a moment... "And they believe that?"

Me: "Well, deep down inside I think they know, but they've decided to say that He's not."

Selah thinks for a moment, then nods her head... "Yeah, I think so. Sometimes it's stuck in your belly...down in your piggy bank inside. And you just have to pull the know out of your piggy bank where all the memories live."

How is it that our six year old can verbalize something I've never been able to put into words? Maybe because she hasn't been out of that realm for very long... she's only been here on assignment for six years now.

So...I guess I needed to hear that. Maybe it's time for me to stop and remember where I came from... remember Who we originated from... Who now lives and creates miracles in and through us. Maybe we need to listen more to the "knowing" that is immersed in our very DNA. We have more power in our little fingers, more strength in our spirits, and more knowing deep in our "piggy banks" than we're willing to acknowledge. And by that unwillingness, we suppress Him. What if we lived remembering why we were sent here? How about if we all rose up a little taller, a little more confident in how fabulous we are (and He is in us) and how phenomenal our mission here is? Wow... :)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Homeschool Mom Graduate

Ok, so I just finished my first year as a home school mom.

Good night...What an education! I went through all the subjects... Ignorance. Naivety. Excitement. Syllabus shock. Overwhelm. Irritation. Determination. Exhaustion. Self-loathing. Neglect. Re-calibration. Acceptance. Self-appreciation. Enjoyment. Gratitude. (Whew....)

Had no idea it would be such a growing space for me. My daughter was a great teacher. Patient, forgiving, loving... but willing to push me in areas I needed growth. She was so well equipped to handle my particular form of self-centeredness. She really stretched me, and then gave me the grace I needed to move higher.

And now I've finally graduated. Wow... I made it. Can hardly believe I made it. And my daughter survived, too! In fact... she wants to do it again. **Deep breath.** Wow. Ok. Cool... I do, too. :)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The 2014 Kung Fu Disaster

Sometimes it takes a little creativity to get the house cleaned. I don't usually have any. The faster, the better. The more efficient, the better. And all those other boring ways of picking up. "Won't it look great when you're done, girls??" Just get it done. Now.

Well, today I used some spur of the moment props and a live action camera... and waddaya know. Instant motivation. Fifteen minutes and they were done. AND it was fun. Sheesh. So need to think like this more often.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Worship Isn't A Song

Worship isn't a song, a tempo, or a sound. And it's not an activity that we participate in every seven days. Those community gatherings (that we often refer to as "worship") are auditory articulation... the verbal and physical expressions of something more. Something intangible and deeply felt in the heart.

We can often place more focus on the symptoms of an illness, than on the actual illness. "She has a fever." So we take her temperature often, administer helpful remedies to reduce the fever, and try to make her feel cooler. We are relieved when the fever dissipates. All focus was on the fever... what temp it was, how long it lasted, what it looked like... not what actually caused the fever.

The fever was just a symptom...the body's outward response to an internal state. In the same way, the expression of worship is an outward symptom of our internal state of adoration. The true worship is our inner, innate response to a growing understanding of His deep love for us, and our appreciation for that love.

When that inner adoration is expressed outwardly, it doesn't have to look or sound a certain way. It can come out in thousands of ways. Like appreciating the smell of a flower He made, caring for a loved one He created, deciding to maintain your integrity in a sketchy situation out of your reverence for His presence with you, whispering to Him a "thank you", helping others when it's inconvenient because those people belong to Him, or improving yourself because you know His plans are waiting on you. All are outward demonstrations of an inner love.

But all these outward expressions of inner worship do have a certain feel to them. They feel like adoration. So instead of getting hung up on what our expression of worship looks like, let's focus on the state of our inner heart toward Him. And then the expression of that adoration will flow easily and come out in a multitude of forms.